Unlock The Hidden Value
Of Your Real Estate Photos

Visual Property Intelligence

Foxy AI solves crucial problems in real estate by extracting information from property photos.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, we generate Visual Property Intelligence to unlock the hidden value of your real estate photos.

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What We Do

Foxy’s API provides access to Visual Property Intelligence tools that will help you streamline workflows, improve quality assurance, generate new insights, and sharpen the accuracy of Automated Valuation Models (AVM). It all starts with unlocking the value hidden within your real estate photos.

Imagine the world’s greatest sommelier, who has trained her sense of taste by sampling each of the millions of wines that exist. The instant it hits her lips she can evaluate any wine with precision and confidence. That’s the power of Foxy AI.

Thanks to that training, our deep neural networks have a precise understanding of visual features that correlate with value and perceives the gradients in quality that exist among them. All this information is accessed through our API, which can be used ad hoc in your own platforms.


Real estate professionals have been making critical decisions missing essential visual property information, wasting time, leaving important questions unanswered, and value on the table.

- How can we quantify the condition and quality of a property in a standardized way at scale, automatically?

- How can we quickly search images for various features and compare visually similar properties?

- What neighborhood should I invest in next and how can we maximize ROI?

Foxy AI’s API provides access to Artificial Intelligence tools built to provide Visual Property Intelligence.

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Foxy AI Condition Score
Remodel It
Get instant, accurate renovation estimates, and connect with trusted professionals on Foxy AI's consumer-facing platform, Remodel It. Try Remodel It now
Foxy AI Room Type Labeling
Condition Score
Determine the condition of residential property using our proprietary artificial intelligence and your property photos
Foxy AI Room Type Labeling
Room Type Labeling
Automatically detect room type for easy classification, organization, and search
Foxy AI Quality Score
Quality Score
Determine the quality of residential property using our computer vision algorithims and your property photos
Foxy AI Comparable Properties
Comparable Properties
Identify and display properties of similar visual composition
Foxy AI Objects and Finishes
Objects, Finishes &
Scenes Detection
Identify specific home features that align with property value
Foxy AI Unlocking the hidden value of your real estate photos

Foxy AI is designed to empower you with Visual Property Intelligence

Foxy AI is the perfect marriage of the latest in Artificial Intelligence and deep knowledge of the real estate industry. Our goal is to create real estate intelligence by building a platform of AI-powered real estate tools.

Our name comes from the fable, “The Fox and the Hedgehog”, a tale that explains the Hedgehog is good at just one thing, while the Fox has an endless arsenal of techniques. When it comes to real estate, it’s important to have access to an abundance of little pieces of information and to be nimble in solving complex, nuanced problems. Hence, Foxy.

Guided by this approach, we empower data scientists, financial institutions, investors, and others with visual property intelligence by incorporating data from your property photos.

Outfox your competition.

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